Werewolf Helper

Ruby on Rails Game Web App

GitHub Repository | Website Link ( Currently Under Construction

Solo project, for fun, front end development, MVC, and Javascript

The idea for this app came to me when my friends, whom I'd speak to online via Skype, expressed wanting to play new games besides those available online. I had previously purchased a version of the card game, Werewolf, and decided we could attempt to play that, if I were to type out the cards, their names, roles, etc. and simply send each friend their roles via private messaging on Skype. I realized that this was sadly very inefficient and wished there would be an easier way to, not only make new decks on my own, but allow my friends to be the moderator by giving them a tool to easy create a deck and shuffle it to the players.

MM-NEAT and SCOPE Research

Java Project for Artificial Intelligence

GitHub Repository | Videos of coding contributions

Group research project, summer college internship, Java project

MM-NEAT (Modular Multiobjective Neuro-Evolution of Augmenting Topologies) research and coding Artificial Intelligence with Reinforcement Learning and Evolutionary Computation. This research ended with poster and paper creation on the topics of AI and real world applications.

Personal Website

Front End Design

GitHub Repository

Solo project front end development, HTML, CSS, and Javascript

This website itself is something I built utilizing the free site every member has. No need to pay someone else to make a site when I'm perfectly capable, and can customize it the way I want to.